Condensed Matter Theory

Bettina Gertjerenken Trojan quasiparticles

Author(s): Bettina Gertjerenken, Martin Holthaus

Trojan quasiparticles

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Article: New Journal of Physics 16, 093009 (2014) , Institute of Physics

Keywords: Bose-Einstein condensates, semiclassical approximations, collective many-body excitations, nonequilibrium quantum dynamics

PACS: 03.75.Lm;03.75.Kk;05.45.Mt;05.30.Jp;03.65.Sq

We argue that a time-periodically driven bosonic Josephson junction supports stable, quasiparticle-like collective response modes which are N-particle analogs of the nonspreading Trojan wave packets known from microwave-driven Rydberg atoms. Similar to their single-particle counterparts, these collective modes, dubbed 'flotons', are well described by a Floquet-Mathieu approximation, and possess a well-defined discrete set of excitations. In contrast to other,'chaotic' modes of response, the nonheating Trojan modes conform to a mean-field description, and thus may be of particular interest for the more general question under which conditions the reduction of quantum N-particle dynamics to a strongly simplified mean-field evolution is feasible. Our reasoning is supported by phase-space portraits which reveal the degree of correspondence beween the N-particle dynamics und the mean-field picture in an intuitive manner.

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