Condensed Matter Theory

Maria Tschikin Coherent thermal conductance of 1-D photonic crystals

Author(s): Maria Tschikin, Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend-Age Biehs

Coherent thermal conductance of 1-D photonic crystals

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Article: Physics Letters A 376 (2012) 3462–3465, Elsevier

Keywords: radiation, heat transfer, photonic crystal, surface modes, losses

We present an exact calculation of coherent thermal conductance in 1-D multilayer photonic crystals using the S-matrix method. In particular, we study the thermal conductance in a bilayer structure of Si/vacuum or Al2O3/vacuum slabs by means of the exact radiative heat flux expression. Based on the results obtained for the Al2O3/vacuum structure we show by comparison with previous works that the material losses and (localized) surface modes supported by the inner layers play a fundamental role and cannot be omitted in the definition of thermal conductance. Our results could have significant implications in the conception of efficient thermal barriers.

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