Condensed Matter Theory

Stephan Arlinghaus Dynamic Localization in Optical Lattices

Author(s): Stephan Arlinghaus, Matthias Langemeye, Martin Holthaus

Dynamic Localization in Optical Lattices

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Article: (S. Keshavamurthy and P. Schlagheck, eds.), chapter 12 (Taylor and Francis CRC, 2011).


We recapitulate the principle enabling the phenomenon of dynamic localization, and provide model calculations for ultracold atoms in driven optical lattices which indicate that the localization effect remains almost unaffected by interband transitions if the parameters are chosen carefully. In addition, we suggest to exploit the underlying quasienergy band collapse for coherently controlling the metal-insulator transition that occurs in the Harper model, as realized with quasiperiodic optical lattices.

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