Condensed Matter Theory

Stephan Arlinghaus Driven optical lattices as strong-field simulators

Author(s): Stephan Arlinghaus, Martin Holthaus

Driven optical lattices as strong-field simulators

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Article: Phys. Rev. A 81, 063612 (2010), American Physical Society (APS)


PACS: 67.85.-d, 32.80.Xx, 42.50.Hz

We argue that ultracold atoms in strongly shaken optical lattices can be subjected to conditions similar to those experienced by electrons in laser-irradiated crystalline solids, but without introducing secondary polarization effects. As a consequence, one can induce nonperturbative multiphoton-like resonances due to the mutual penetration of ac-Stark-shifted Bloch bands. These phenomena can be detected with a combination of currently available laboratory techniques.

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