Condensed Matter Theory

Andre Eckardt Avoided-Level-Crossing Spectroscopy with Dressed Matter Waves

Author(s): Andre Eckardt, Martin Holthaus

Avoided-Level-Crossing Spectroscopy with Dressed Matter Waves

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Article: Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 245302 (2008), American Physical Society

Keywords: macroscopic matter waves, Bose-Einstein condensate, optical lattice, time-periodic forcing, coherent control, dressed atoms, adiabatic following

PACS: 67.85.Hj, 03.75.Lm, 42.50.Hz

We devise a method for probing resonances of macroscopic matter waves in shaken optical lattices by monitoring their response to slow parameter changes, and show that such resonances can be disabled by particular choices of the driving amplitude. The theoretical analysis of this scheme reveals far-reaching analogies between dressed atoms and time periodically forced matter waves.


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