Condensed Matter Theory

Dave J. Boers Mobility edges in bichromatic optical lattices

Author(s): Dave J. Boers, Benjamin Goedeke, Dennis Hinrichs, Martin Holthaus

Mobility edges in bichromatic optical lattices

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Article: Phys. Rev. A 75, 063404 (2007), American Physical Society


PACS: 32.80.Lg, 71.23.An, 72.15.Rn, 03.65.-w

We investigate the localization properties of single-particle eigenstates in bichromatic one-dimensional optical lattices. Whereas such a lattice with a sufficiently deep primary component and a suitably adjusted incommensurate secondary component provides an approximate realization of the Harper model, the system's self-duality is broken when the lattice is comparatively shallow. As a consequence, the sharp metal-insulator transition exhibited by Harper's model is replaced by a sequence of mobility edges in realistic bichromatic optical lattices that do not reach the tight-binding regime.


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