Condensed Matter Theory

C. Weiss Asymptotics of the number partitioning distribution

Author(s): C. Weiss, M. Holthaus

Asymptotics of the number partitioning distribution

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Europhys. Lett., 59 (4) , pp. 486-492 (2002) , EPD Sciences

number partitioning distribution, one-dimensional harmonic-oscillator

05.30.Ch, 05.30.Jp, 02.30.Mv

The number partitioning problem can be interpreted physically in terms of a thermally isolated noninteracting Bose gas trapped in a one-dimensional harmonic-oscillator potential. We exploit this analogy to characterize, by means of a detour to the Bose gas within the canonical ensemble, the probability distribution for finding a specified number of summands in a randomly chosen partition of an integer n. It is shown that this distribution approaches its asymptotics only for n > 10^10.

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